Man is a social being and after meeting his basic requirements which are meal, clothing and residence, he needs to communicate with others. From ancient times, he tried to develop various mean of communication in which time to time he got success. In the modern time telephones are invented and now we have mobile phones in hand, which are the latest forms of telephones and the modern means of communication.

This development did not stop here and the handsets have evolved themselves into multi-functional devices. Now the gizmos are not mere communication gadgets, but with the help of these lightweight devices, we are able to cage our memorable moments with camera, get entertainment through media player and FM radio, extract every type of information with the help of Internet and many more.

Camera features are very prominent in the present day handsets. The journey of camera phones started with VGA or 1.3 MP camera. Today also, there are a plenty of handsets in the market with the aforementioned resolutions. But, when handset manufacturers felt these cameras insufficient then we got high resolution camera. We got 2 MP camera, then 3.2 MP camera, 5 MP camera and 8 MP camera respectively in mobile phones. The matter of delight is that now there are a few handsets which are available with 12 MP snapper (e.g. Sony Ericsson Satio). It will not be wrong to say that now handsets are giving tough competition to digital cameras.

Entertainment is necessary for everyone for getting relaxation and now most of the handsets, especially multimedia devices come embedded with entertainment features. As mentioned in the second paragraph, media player and FM radio are the major entertainment features of the mobile devices. Moreover, several interesting games are also found preloaded even in non-multimedia handsets. A plenty of handsets provide you the facility to download more games if you are not satisfied with the preloaded ones.

Internet is supposed to be necessary in the present day handsets. It was supposed be the attribute of computer in the recent past, but now it has become an integral part of mobile phones. GPRS is a very common feature in the gadgets, with the help of which we can get connected with World Wide Web, taking the support of network service providers. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is another brilliant feature, which allows the users to access the Internet up to unlimited hours in the Wi-Fi covered areas. Moreover, several additional Internet features have also been included in present day gadget, such as RSS reader, YouTube and Facebook application, Gmail application, Twitter integration etc. Apart from Internet, several other features are available in today’s handsets due to which it will not be wrong to say that today mobile phones are closely associated with computers. In several handsets, we get document viewer or document editor features which facilitate us to read or edit Ms-office and PDF documents. Moreover, QWERTY keyboard in some devices facilitate us to type the text at the fast speed as we do on computer.

Coming back to the main function of mobile phones, the handsets are accomplishing this task of communication brilliantly. Apart from calling, we can send text messages, multimedia messages, emails etc., to our loved ones. Moreover, data transfer features like Bluetooth and USB port allow us to transfer the data to other compatible devices totally free of cost. After seeing all the above things, it can be guessed that some more innovations will be witnessed in the arena of mobile phones in the coming time.